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Workshops & Cohorts

Welcome to our transformational Digital Styling Workshops and Cohorts.


As pioneers in digital style coaching, our public and private workshops provide practical tools and insights that will immediately improve your online presence. For a deeper engagement, join our cohorts for a five-month journey of coaching, collaborative learning, networking and growth.


We also provide you with our exclusive 2023 tech guide and, with our pro packages, an Escape Your Space Backdrop & Hanger Kit.


Begin your transformation today and sign up to redefine the way you connect in the digital world.

The Digital Styling Workshop

Experience our interactive Digital Styling Workshops, open to both individuals and groups. We offer sessions for those seeking to elevate their online presence and private, tailored workshops for teams, organizations, and associations aiming to unify their digital image.

Our workshops feature:

  • Insightful one-hour sessions, divided between expert-led discussions, interactive breakouts and Q&A.

  • Comprehensive exploration of digital styling fundamentals: lighting techniques, camera composition, sound quality, attire strategies, and backdrop curation.

  • Exclusive access to our 2023 Tech Guide, simplifying your journey towards a professional digital appearance.

  • Our Pro Package includes an Escape Your Space Backdrop & Hanger Kit, adding an additional layer of sophistication to your digital environment.

Discover the power of a polished online presence and register yourself or your team for a workshop today.

Public Workshops 

Digital Styling Fundamentals

If these dates do not work for you, contact us for more scheduling options.

Private Workshops

Elevate your team's digital presence with our tailored Private Digital Styling Workshops. Contact us today to discover more about these customized sessions and begin your team's transformation. Contact us to learn more.

Cohorts - Coming Fall 2023

Coming this November 2023, we invite you to join our exclusive Digital Styling Cohort Program. This initiative has been curated to provide an intensive learning experience, with monthly sessions spread across five months. Each session offers a deep dive into a unique aspect of digital styling, with an emphasis on discussion and problem-solving within a tight-knit community. Become a part of this transformative journey to take your online presence to new heights. Spots will be limited - contact us to learn more. 

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